karen_2016_600Meet Karen in Person!

In addition to being an author, and Jacob’s mom, I’m also a speaker, bringing the message of patience, understanding and acceptance of children who are “differently” abled.  I love to meet any group of any size, including classrooms, special needs resource events, parent groups or book signings, just to name a few.  Sharing my stories about living in Jacob’s special world is a wonderful way to connect with others who may be experiencing similar challenges with their children. Knowing that you aren’t alone with these struggles, helps to face them with hope, love and strength.

Saturday, November 26
9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Shoreland Lutheran High School Craft Fair

I will be selling and signing books at this excellent craft fair. Stop by and pick up a few books for gifts!

Saturday, July 23
9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Kenosha Harbor Market

I will be selling and signing my books at the Kenosha Harbor Market on July 23rd. I’ll be sharing a booth with Blessings By Bookmark and we will most likely be located in the Place de Douai, which is on the south end of the market closest to the marina. Please stop by!

Thursday, April 14
5:30 pm
KUSD “Getting to Know Autism” Event

  • What do you know about Children with Autism?
  • How do you set a Successful play date with a Child with Autism?
  • How can I help my Child understand Autism?

Join us to learn the answers to any of these questions and 10 Things Every Child with Autism wishes you knew

Presented by:
KUSD Autism Committee
Special Guest: Author Karen Franco “Just Hold My Hand”

Whittier Elementary School
8542 Cooper Rd, Kenosha

Thursday, April 26
5:30 pm free meal, 6:00 pm presentation
KUSD “Getting to Know Autism” Event

  • What is Autism?
  • How can I better understand a Child with Autism?
  • What does a child with Autism want you to know about them?

Presentation based on the book:
10 Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew by Ellen Notbohm
Presented by: KUSD Autism Committee

Special Guests: Author Karen Franco Just Hold My Hand and Jacob’s Hoop

Harvey Elementary School (enter through door #1)
2012 19th Avenue, Kenosha


Saturday, February 27
9:00 am
Inspiration Ministries’ “Disabling Disability” Conference

It is recommended that you sign up for the conference before February 15

Vision Conference at Inspiration Ministries

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Author’s Night – Book Signing
March 8th
5:30 – 7:30 pm
Evergreen Elementary School, Waterford


Saturday, November 7th
9 am to 3 pm
Central High School in Paddock Lake

Saturday, November 14th
9 am to 3 pm
All Saints School in Kenosha