Just Hold My Hand

My son, Jacob sees, feels, hears and interprets the world around him differently than anyone else. One day at the county fair he experiences all these senses in a way that only he can relate to, but by holding mom’s hand, he can cope with what scares him such as loud noises, what frustrates him like not getting what he wants, and what excites him. Most of us take those feelings for granted or they wouldn’t be expected at a fun place like the fair, but for our “differently” abled children, they need ways to cope with the world around them. Nothing is more comforting than holding mom’s hand.

I wrote “Just Hold My Hand” to help show others that sometimes our children are overwhelmed in certain situations, and they may act out, run away, cry, but know that this is their interpretation of what is coming at them from a sensory perception. They need time to process all the information coming at them. Again, my story is a way to teach patience, understanding and acceptance when other children may act in a way that isn’t quite the same as another child.

I hope you enjoy “Just Hold My Hand.”

When I feel frustrated, Mom says, “It’s okay–just hold my hand.”

Gabbi_Karen_FramedMeet My Illustrator

My illustrator for “Just Hold My Hand,” is Gabrielle Taylor Jensen or we like to call her Gabbie.

Gabbie is just like every other  11 year old girl, but she has a natural  ability to create just about anything in her drawings.   She seems to have a special gift enabling her to be able to read the facial features and body language that go along with having a little brother with special needs. Gabbie was the perfect choice to illustrate my first book.

“Just Hold My Hand,” Second Edition, published by AMITY Publications, Barrington, NH, founded by author Layne Case.