Jacob’s Hoop

Jacobs-Hoop-CoverJacob wants to play basketball. He tries really hard but his “different” abilities make it difficult for him to play like everyone else. One day, at his child care center Every Child’s Place, he gets a wonderful surprise. There in the playground was a basketball hoop just his size. On the backboard were the words “Jacob’s Hoop” in big green letters.

This book is a simple story with a big meaning that teaches understanding, patience and most of all acceptance of someone who is different from other children. In my story, I introduce Every Child’s Place, a special child care center, who embraces children of all abilities. I am so fortunate I have been a part of their mission for over fourteen years. Jacob was welcomed with open arms, and that’s where other kids began accepting him for who he is. “Jacob’s Hoop” is my second book in a series of stories written from living in Jacob’s world.


JIA JIA comes from Xi’an, China. She is currently studying at Beijing University of Technology, Geng Dan College, majoring in in Industrial Design. Jia loves to draw and was honored when asked to illustrate “Jacob’s Hoop”, her first work. Her hope is that this book will give those who read it energy and confidence!

“Jacob’s Hoop” published by AMITY Publications, Barrington, NH, founded by author Layne Case.